“David made me feel comfortable the moment I walked in the door. He proved he had the knowledge to best prepare my taxes and was understanding when I had any questions or concerns.”

Andrew L.
Vancouver, WA


“With my profession in the lending industry, I frequently deal with tax documents, not to mention the producers of such documents such as CPAs, tax advisors, banks and lenders. David Tuck and the team at Anvil Tax are by far the best tax consultants and financial advisors I’ve encountered in my 8 years of consulting. I’m constantly impressed by his efforts in research and due diligence on my behalf. Bravo. I highly recommend Anvil for businesses and individuals alike. The experience and expertise of Anvil is usually reserved for fortune 500 companies. Thank you David for all of your efforts!”

Josh L.
Plum Tree Mortgage
Portland, OR


“I have found David to be very helpful, professional, and probably the most intelligent tax accountant I have ever met. He makes tax returns easier too by providing his own secure website where you can upload your documentation, in case you don’t have time to meet with him in person.”

Chelsea C.
Portland, OR


“Having Dave do my taxes was such a relief. His powerful knowledge put my busy mind at rest. Taxes have been a disastrous nightmare in years past. From the moment I walked into Dave’s office, I felt at ease. His experience with taxes far exceeds other professionals I have used previously. I appreciate his affordable rates. Having him do my taxes was a great experience. I will recommend Dave to all my friends.”

Joseph G.
Vancouver, WA


“I found David’s company though word of month at a meeting with other business owners. David gave his 3 minute pitch to the group and what interested me was his knowledge of how the IRS works. After the meeting was over, several people told me “This guy is good, very reasonable and check him out if you have a tax problem.” So I kept his card.

Several months later a situation came up with the IRS, I called David and met with him. At the end of our meeting I felt I had a good solid plan on what to do about my tax situation. I finally had some certainty in what I could do to handle it. David gave me my homework assignment and said the amount of effort I put into this will show in the end. With that advice I made it my number one priority.

I met with the IRS. I had all my data organized and completed. Because of this they didn’t take my left arm and some of my right. I must say they were extremely reasonable, very pleasant and understandable about my situation. We worked out a solution and walked away with a win-win situation.

I went to the IRS very well prepared because of David’s advice and recommendations. I have had several accountants in the 25 years of business and David goes beyond what is expected. I found his advice to be rock solid. I would recommend him highly and have so.”

Thanks David

Shane Kenney
Portland, OR


I’ma business consultant and I worked with David of Anvil Tax for quite a few clients. I can say without hesitation that he is a real problem-solver. He has the capacity to clarify even the most intricate situation, and at the same time saving a bunch of tax money for my clients. I strongly recommend his services to anyone who needs help for tax-related issues. From simple filing to the most complex tax audit.

Max Corona
Portland, OR



“I hired David Tuck for my taxes for my first year doing business as an LLC. I found him to be thorough, professional, and able to work quickly to meet my extension deadline. He encourages his clients to ask questions and wants them to be empowered about their business finances. His knowledge and experience were invaluable during this tax time!”

Stephanie Shea
Portland, OR