Meet Daveed Tuck



Daveed Tuck

Title: CEO, Tax Planner, Husband and Dad

What he really does: Makes sure everyone is working toward the same vision and keeps clients super-happy.

What makes Daveed amazing at his job

  • Daveed has been helping clients save on taxes and increase wealth for over 11 years! 
  • In that time he has worked with hundreds of the cool clients in Oregon, from food cart owners to teachers, doctors to corporate executives, creative directors to sports coaches – anyone who is serious about improving their finances.
  • Daveed takes time to understand clients’ businesses, goals, dreams and desires. 


Getting to know Daveed outside of work

  • Loves spending time with his wife, Laura, and their three kids – ages 8, 10 and 11.
  • Enjoys hiking, biking and living in Oregon, near the Pacific Ocean and beautiful mountains. 
  • Works from a treadmill desk -has a goal of walking 10,000 per day. 
  • Loves reading leadership books and watching inspirational webinars. 
  • Since COVID-19 started, has spent more time exercising and learning to cook.
  • Lived in Nigeria, Africa, for five years as a child.
  • Worked as a whitewater river rafting guide while he was a college student.
  • Favorite restaurant meal: Thai Pad Prik King.
  • Enjoys mediation and short naps during the workday.