Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different than traditional tax & accounting firms?

Traditional tax firms focus on historic work – they simply report to the IRS or state what has already happened in the past. We also handle your historic filing, but we focus our work on helping you achieve better results in the future. Because of this, we can help our clients pay the least amount of tax possible and make more progress toward their goals.

Will your Year-Round process work for me?

Yes. We’ve completed 1,000’s of tax returns for 100’s of clients over the past 23 years. We know exactly what strategies can have the most impact on your tax and financial numbers. Working together year-round will guarantee we can focus on the right things that can move closer to better cash flow and lower taxes. Our track record of happy clients speaks for itself.

How do I know which package is right for me?

We’ll make sure we align the right package with your goals.

During your fee Strategy call, we’ll identify your unique needs, and ensure you’re enrolled in the right package, at the right price.

When should I get started?

Right away. We have limited capacity throughout the year.

The sooner you book a call, the sooner we can begin helping you save on taxes and implement a strategy for better results. Don’t wait.

How do I get started?

To find a time to talk please click the here. We’ll create your Results Roadmap showing exactly how we’ll help you achieve your goals in the next 12 months.