Our Mission

Healthy finances, healthy business

At Anvil Tax, we help small businesses thrive. Sure, taxes can feel overwhelming. But they’re also a tool to maximize your company’s financial well-being. We take care of all the complicated forms and acronyms, so you can focus on what matters. Working together, we’ll put more money in your wallet and create high-performance habits that help you meet your goals.

Our Values

We are eager to understand the “why.”

We work together to develop our people and best serve our clients.

We trust our people to do their jobs independently and constantly seek to improve.

We are continually looking to develop better systems.


We like to laugh.

We embrace and aggressively pursue change.

We speak the truth to make our team and clients better.


Daveed Tuck, Founder & CEO




  • Lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Laura, and three
    children in their happily blended family.
  • When he’s not working, he can be found trying to keep
    up with the kids’ sports, exploring Portland’s bike paths
    and hiking trails, and experimenting in the kitchen.


  • Helping fellow business owners and self-employed
    professionals thrive.
  • He worked as a professional river guide on the Snake,
    Salmon and Payette rivers in Idaho during summer


  • Founded Anvil Tax in 2010
  • Auditor for the Internal Revenue Service in Portland and Boise for a decade and counting.
  • Degree holder of Bachelor of Business Administration with accounting emphasis in Boise State University.
  • Entrepreneur
  • Book Author – Anvil Tax Guide An Ex-IRS Auditor’s Tips to Organizing Taxes.